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Tasha Burtn

Everyone deals with negative emotions in several ways, one person would rather be in a serene environment enjoying the sun and the sea, and some others may visit a shrink, or relax more. These and more are all among the more conventional activities people engage in to deal with emotions. It’s true; life has many unconventional ways of dealing with stressful emotions. The most popular unconventional means that gets exploited in these times is binge eating. Now this may not be as fancy as the shrink’s chair, the beaches or vacation sites but as long as it gets the job done right?

Emotional eating occurs in more of an unconscious state than conscious; it requires consciousness to walk yourself to the beach, therapy, or vacation site but emotional eating occurs just like that and before you know it you have stomached a ration of food worth five person’s or more. So now you just learned about emotional eating, think of the last time you ate something, were you hungry or angry, or something emotional?

Besides gluttony, emotional eating is one of the very few ways food can be abused, it is beautiful when you get your appetite right and eat right but be careful not to mistake emotional eating for getting your appetite right because you would eat your favorite meal easily. If you think your eating is fishy and needs some reevaluation to see if it is emotional eating on the door check out a few of the following scenarios:

Just before you are about to dig into a delicious looking meal and you don’t feel more emotional than hungry you would do yourself a lot of good letting the food go and picking out a different means to make you feel better. This also counts for individuals who eat to avoid uneasy situations like an argument or certain activities out of your fancy.

Gluttony is usually the closest stop to emotional eating as you can get, so when you feel a deadly desire to eat and little hunger slap yourself in the face and find you an exciting hobby. Eating has lots of positives but like everything else when there is an excess it will haunt you with maybe obesity, constipation, eating disorder, unfitness and a heck of a lot more.

So pill yourself together and find exciting hobbies and plan for stressful days and how to beat them before they visit you, good luck. On the other hand you can surround yourself with more positive and health boosting eatables like skinny vitamins, so if you do have to eat emotionally you will at least be healthier,  and remember when taking Skinny Vitamins all natural gummy while maintaining a healthy exercise regime make sure you stay hydrated at all times. The beauty of our gluten free gummy's taken 2 times a day along with a full glass of water also makes you feel fuller and therefore less apt to eat.